Marketing is my passion.

and action!

New technologies change the use of data

for healthcare

on devices

in the cloud

Recent projects

Focus: Start-up companies.

Making your appearance and image professional.

Profit from my work.




Curiosity and high interest in new technologies influence my daily work.

Digital and print media for new projects or products as outcome.

Technologies and humans always in focus while working on marketing concepts and strategies

Work experience

bwcon (Management Healthcare)

Dr. Lauk Management Consultants (Marketing) e.g. for StudyMyHealth, respEQ

TNI medical AG (Marketing Director)

seleon gmbH (Marketing Director)

VHS Neustadt a. d. Wstr. (Management of Department Multimedia and Mediadesigner in vision and sound)

Social Commitment

Malaika Children`s Home

take a look at our family project!

Malaika Lauk